South School PTO Minutes February 13, 2017

Attendance: Erin Doerr, Ray Doerr, Amy Cengel, Brian Inzerello, Rachel Griffith, Dawn Bardygula, Candace Ingram, Lisa Horner, Julie Freko
Meeting opened with a reminder that meetings are always open for discussion, the agenda is a just a guideline to guide the progression of the meeting but anyone is welcome to bring up ideas or items for discussion.
– See update from Mrs. Cengel
– Discussed no swimming for 2nd grade this year – no longer on the District’s approved list of activities
– Budget is stable
– Clarified money for field trips, was never really a “per kid” amount, just a guideline, decided to use $10 per kid as a guideline but determined that there needs to be a total that we can’t go over
– Approved $150 to use for materials to make scarves for 2017-2018 service project
– Approved $400 for Mrs. Biggs to use to purchase books for the students
– Approved $50 donation for District 62 Foundation dinner raffle
– movie night for 3rd-5th grade – more interested in talking with friends than the actual movie
– February bake sale – did well
– Carnation sales for Valentine’s Day
Courtesy Shop – February 17 – thanks to those who volunteered to help out, will be one more in April
February Dine and Share – Culvers (February 23) – flyer will go out
– Discussed Portillo’s as an option for as future dine and share, will send idea to Maria
Fundraiser – going to revisit Cookie Dough
– Different company
– $10 for 2lb tub, 6 different kinds
– Will sell over Spring Break
New PTO Facebook page
– Let friends know
– Ideas to get more people to follow
– Send any updates to Rachel
Survey about PTO events from past 2 years
– Feedback about keeping for next year and and ideas or changes
– Please fill out for next meeting

Next meeting will be Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 6pm  

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