PTO Meeting notes

Hi!  Here is a brief update from the last meeting
1.  Bake sale after 3-5th grade show.  If anyone would like to bake/buy baked goods let myself or Erin know.  If anyone is available to work after the show let us know!

2.  Pretzel Rod Fundraiser will be delivered Tuesday March 22nd; will need volunteers (time TBD), to organize, label, and distribute

3.  Kindergarten Open House April 21st:  we will have a PTO table

4.  Pending approval, Teacher’s Lunch for Teacher appreciation week tentatively set for Wed May 4th.
5.  Miscellaneous:  budget is sound.  Bake sell another success.  Keep in mind for next year.  Movie night was fun with a big turn out.  Next movie night should be considered if we can fit into year-end schedule.  Carnations were fun for all students to participate.  Dine and shares are going well.  There will be a family literacy night on March 10th.  Ms. Abrams artist in residence grant was approved!!!

Lastly, I am compiling a list of open positions that I will email out next week.  During the March meeting (which will start at 6:30pm due to family literacy night) we will set our positions for next year.

Thanks to everyone for all you do!

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